Saturday, December 15, 2012

December...So Far

12/1: She LOVES "tall" shoes!

12/1: Her little Christmas tree.  She is so proud of it.  

She wanted to hang "the Miss and Mister together," she said! 

12/3: Her gingerbread house

 Gracie ate it.  Crazy dog.  

12/5: Rose showed up.  AC was fascinated!

12/7: Playing of her most favorite things to do.  

12/7: Singing a morning song.  

12/8: AC and her friend, Carson, at "Breakfast with Santa"

Telling Santa everything on her list.

12/9: She dragged the toilet paper out to the sidewalk and set up a tea party.  The neighbors probably thought we were crazy.  

12/9: She won an award at school.  She was so happy!

12/11: Pretty girl.

12/13: Checking out Christmas cookies.


12/13: Soooo excited to take Christmas gifts to her friends.  

12/15: Being her mischievous self.  

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