Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Twinkle Toes

One of AC's dreams came true when she got these new shoes in the mail yesterday.   Twinkles Toes, by Sketchers.  I had no idea what they were until she started begging for them.  (One a side note: How scary is it, at three years old, she is already begging for certain trendy shoes...I'm in trouble).  So I googled them.  As soon as the web picture popped up, I knew I wasn't going to buy them.  You all know how I feel about glittery, sequined, pink and purple shoes.  It ain't happenin.  So she somehow managed to convince her Nina and Papa that she really needed these shoes.  And so it happened.  Twinkle Toes arrived and she loves them.  

Thanks, Nina and Papa!

About the weather...we are fine.  It finally stopped raining and things are completely back to normal.  We never lost power, thankfully.

We love and miss you all!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

New Class and Rainy Weather

It's been a pretty slow week since dance class.  The morning after dance class, AC got switched to new class at school.  She started the year in a 2 year old/3year old combo class.  She was placed in this class because her birthday is only weeks before the cut-off making her months younger, and sometimes more immature, than other classmates.  This class consisted of students that had just turned 3 and were about to turn 3.  AC was the only student in the class that had been to preschool before.  And it was obvious. She was also the only one that was potty-trained.  I immediately had reservations about her being in this room.  Because of her birthday, she will always be the youngest in her class.  And I'm certain that she can handle it even at the preschool level.  I want her to be challenged and I just didn't feel it was going to happen in this room.  I was afraid she might actually regress to some of the immature behaviors of the younger kids.  But I didn't say a word to anyone.  I just put it in God's hands and decided that He would do what was best for her.  Wouldn't you know that that 2 days later she was moved to the same class she was in during summer camp!  I couldn't have been happier.  Everyone is three years old and potty-trained.  I just know that she is going to thrive with Ms. Rebeca and all the kids in her new class!  

Other than that, it's been a typical week.  Oh, except for the hysteria (or lack thereof) over Tropical Storm Isaac.  It's stressful because some people are completely stressed about it and others aren't worried in the least.  What's a first-timer like me to do?  I stocked up on water and batteries and charged up the portable DVD players.  My neighbors helped close our store shutters yesterday, just in case.  It's so dark in the house that it looks like night all day long.  So far we've had about an inch of rain. The wind is strong, but not too bad.  It's been worse.  It is coming in spurts.  It will rain for about 20 minutes and be very windy and then for 20 minutes it will be calm.  The power has flickered a few times, which means that if it gets bad, we will probably definitely lose power.  Ugh.  The storm is just reaching us so we have about 24 more hours of stormy weather!  

Random pictures
AC and one of her favorite teachers, Ms. Zoe.

A picture of Matilda and AC at Matilda's birthday party.  

One of our family pictures on the beach!

We love and miss you all!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tiny Dancer

Like most little girls, AC loves to dance.  She is always putting on "dance shows" and pretending to be a ballerina.  Her teacher told me that she put on a dance show for her entire class yesterday.  On the first day of school!  A few months ago, she began asking if she could take ballet lessons.  So today I signed her up and she had her first class tonight.  
Her Dance Gear

She was a little tired on the drive there and I was nervous that she would be temperamental with her dance teacher.  However, as soon as we walked in the studio and she saw all the other little girls in the exact same dance outfit, she was thrilled.  She said, "Mommy, we are all the SAME!!!!"

As my girl often does, she made a new friend within 3 minutes.  

Cute Little Dancer

These next pictures are of her during class.  It is a combination class where they learn ballet and tap.  First was ballet.  She is the third tiny girl from the left.

She did so well following directions.  I was so proud of her.

Aren't they adorable?  They might be the cutest things ever!!

AC is the one with pigtails.   

Following her teacher (who is also the owner).  

Not sure what move she is doing here!

I'm thrilled that she loves it so much!  I think I'm more excited about next week than she is!!!

Monday, August 20, 2012

First Day of School

It's the first day of Pre-K 3!  I can't believe how big my girl has gotten!  

She was sooooo excited to go back this morning!

Friday, August 17, 2012


I just wanted to post a few of the pictures of family that I took when we were at home.  

Carter, AC, and Gran
I'm really not sure what they are trying to do!  

Tyler and sweet Caroline
I LOVE that smile!

AC and Aunt May looking at something tiny in a tree.

La and Caroline eating watermelon!

Brother and Sister

Cousins, Take #1

Cousins, Take #2  

The Stickles

We love and miss you all!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Moving Away

AC's best buddy, Matilda, moved to Colombia today.  She will turn 4 in a few weeks, so her parents wanted to have an early birthday party for her.  They wanted her to be able to celebrate with her friends one last time.  AC had a blast, as she always does when she and Matilda are together.  

Just swingin'

Walking around 

They always laugh so much when they are together!

It was a very bittersweet day.  My girl had so much fun.  She loves Matilda very much.  I'm happy she has a friend that makes her so happy.  However, this was the last time they will probably ever see each other.  When she is all grown up, she may have no memories of Matilda at all.  Except for what she sees in these pictures.  And that makes me a little sad.  I hope she and her family find a wonderful life in their new home.  

In other news, we had family photos taken on Saturday morning.  Here is a little sneak peek from the photographer!  I can't wait to see the rest!!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Taking Pictures

Daddy and I bought her a camera for her birthday.  It is a real digital camera that is supposed to be "kid tough."  She loves it. 

She said, "Take a picture of me with your camera and I will take a picture of you with my camera.  At the same time!!!"

Here are a few of her 75 shots!  FYI:  They are blurry because she can't hold the camera steady and push the button at the same time.  She is getting better, though.

Daddy with a silly face

Her toes.  She was proud of this one.

Despite my objections, I'm her favorite subject.  She demands that I pose.  Sigh...the things you will do for your kids!  Don't laugh too hard.  

The Furry One

The Backyardigans on TV

She said, "Mommy, make a sad face!"

Then she wanted to make a sad face, too!

She is loving her camera!  I just pray she doesn't find a way to break it!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Art Museum

About 6 months ago, our county finished building a brand new children's art museum.  I had heard great things about it but hadn't gone...until today.  It is only 5 miles from our house and we pass it everyday on the way to preschool.  We were excited to make our first visit this morning.  I wasn't sure what to expect.  I had been to children's science centers/museums before, but never a children's ART museum.  It turned out to be really, really cool!  Here's what AC got into!

Creating her own passport with stamps from different countries.  She had a lot of fun here. 

That is a big globe painted with chalkboard paint in front of her.  Kids can draw things on the globe and then erase it.

Creating her own totem pole.

Carving a huge hunk of wax.  This was really cool!

Riding the pretend subway.  She loved pulling the lever and making it "go."  It was actually just realistic sounds and vibrations.  We stayed on here for quite a while.

Gigantic puzzles of famous paintings.  She is working on American Gothic (creepy painting of the farmer and his wife).

Standing on these big rock benches. 


Mirror pyramid.

Creating a masterpiece with wooden discs and glue.

Inside the museum is a new branch of the county library.  The collection is mainly for children and teenagers.  It was so, so nice.  We left with seven books including this one and 3 others that she picked out on her own.  We've read them all at least twice today.

It was a lovely day at a wonderful new hangout!  

We loved it so much we are seriously considering buying a yearly membership.