Sunday, December 9, 2012


11/4: Hiding behind her baby

11/4: Taking a break after the Fireman Barbecue

11/5: Playing in the garage after school

11/6: Early morning

11/9: Scooter ride after school

11/17: Another Saturday scooter ride

11/18: Giving her best smile for the camera

11/18: Pretending to be a fairy

11/16: Before her Thanksgiving Feast at school

11/16: Performing a Thanksgiving song with her class.  She is the second from the right.

11/16: Enjoying the Thanksgiving Feast with her friends, Zachary and Dani.

11/21: Taking Baby Sunshine to the park.

11/21: My pretty girl.

11/23: Impromptu lemonade stand. 

11/23: Waiting for Daddy to get home and try our lemonade.

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