Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lounging Around

My girl doesn't seem to be feeling very well. She isn't sick, but this diaper rash, along with lots of mosiquito bites and a new tooth, are making her grumpy. The diaper rash is better but not as much as I would have hoped. I'm giving this medicine until Tuesday but it's not looking good. Because she was grumpy, we had a lazy day. Here is what my girl did a lot of....just lounging around.

Saturday, February 26, 2011


We went to the circus today and it was a complete bust. AC hated it. The clowns scared the poopoo out of her. The very first thing we saw was a clown in a broken down car. It was making all kinds of loud banging noises. She was terrified. Daddy spent about 30 minutes outside with her in hopes that she would calm down and enjoy what was left. Didn't happen. We left after 45 minutes. Oh well. Maybe next year.

Walking to the circus with Daddy.

If you look right behind the elephant you will see Daddy and AC. She holding onto Daddy for dear life.
There were miniature horses that she loved but she was too little to ride!

Friday, February 25, 2011


Rash Update: The body rash that you saw in pictures yesterday is almost completely gone! Woohoo!! The diaper rash, however, isn't. It seems to be a little less red, but it seems to be getting bigger. Weird. I'm giving this cream about 3 more days (or 2), and we are heading back. There's not much else to report. We went to Gymboree today and I'll have you know that the teacher commented on the bad behaviors I saw last week. Glad to know it wasn't just me that was annoyed.

Here are our Friday Favorites!
This week, Daddy has really enjoyed....
1) A new app on his iPad! Now he can listen to talk radio ALL the time.
2) Watching a certain team play b-ball.

This week, Mama has enjoyed...
1) ice packs on my back. Mine aren't quite like the one in this picture, but I'll use anything to make my back feel better!
2) regular doses of ibuprofen. For my back, of course.
3) Mama and Daddy discovered these last weekend and we both really like them! They are Naked Juices and have lots of lots of fruit and vegetables in them. They are similar to the V8 Splash only the Naked Juices have more of a smoothie texture. Also, no sugar is added. We are drinking the Green Machine right now.

This week, AC loves...
1) To say, "Stop it!!" and "No!" It seems like it has taken her forever to start using words, but now that her vocabulary is growing, she is using all the words that moms don't want to hear. I have to admit that it is cute to see her point her little finger and seriously say, "Staupppp It!" to the dog.
2) She also loves Toy Story 3. And so do I. It is a classic and the best of the 3. I think she would watch it all day if I would let her!

Happy weekend, everyone! Tomorrow we are headed to the circus. It should be a great time for all!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Itchy Scratchy

This is how my girl has been walking around for the past few days. To say that we have a bad case of diaper rash would be a huge understatement. We have a terrible case of diaper rash. In fact, Dr. Fang didn't even think it was diaper rash, but rather a bacterial and fungal skin infection.
You know it's bad when the doctor says, "Oh my." To say that I feel horrible about it would also be a huge understatement. I'm not sure how it happened. It was just there one day. But never fear. We had to go to a special pharmacy today (which was a complete pain in our rears-no pun intended) where we got a cream mixed up especially for AC. Things are looking up in the diaper zone!
As if this fierce hiney inflammation wasn't bad enough, look what I found this morning.
Her entire body is covered in this rash. And it itches something awful. I'm guessing that's why she was screaming in bed at 5 a.m.
Her back
(There are few dog hairs stuck to her back. Yuck!!)

Her chest

It pains me to look at these pictures. I have sensitive skin and know what this must feel like. Dr. Fang said it was an allergic reaction to something. I'm not sure what it could be. We haven't introduced anything new in her diet, laundry, clothing, cleaning products. Who knows...I just want it to be gone...soon.

So after a 5 hour trip to the dr. and 2 different pharmacies, we made it home with this loot. I'm keeping my fingers, toes, legs, arms, and all other crossable parts of my body crossed that in a few days her skin is little calmer.
"She's delicious," Dr. Fang whispered while taking her temperature. That's why we love you, Dr. Fang. We think so too.
And because I felt so bad for her, she got this. We lost Buzz at the pharmacy and found him after a manic hunt for the tiny space ranger.

On an exciting note, Daddy's trips to Key Largo and Georgia got cancelled. Now we don't have to be without him for 2 weeks! Tomorrow's Friday!! Woohoo! Much love.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Long Hair

You've all noticed that my girl has curls. While I have curly hair, I don't think it was ever as curly as hers when I was a kid. Daddy's hair has a little wave to it, so maybe that's where she gets her extra dose of curls. I'm glad it's curly because when it's not, she has a mullet. "Annie, you look like Joe Dirt!" Daddy said after her bath today. It's longer in the back than it is on top. How does it in the front, party in the back?!?! Here's a picture of Daddy's little Joe Dirt after her bath today.

She has been the sweetest girl these last few days. I'm glad because Daddy has had his hands full and her good attitude has made it a little more bearable. My back is much better today. I'm still afraid to pick up anything heavy and I feel like I can't stand up really straight. It gets a little better everyday! We hope you all had a great day!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bad Back

Every day, and I mean every single day, someone tells me how huge my daughter is. I don't think that she's all that big, but everyone else seems to. I guess maybe my body is trying to tell me that she is indeed too big for be to be dragging around because last night I did some serious damage to my back. It was bedtime and I bent down to pick AC up. I felt the first twinge then. A few minutes later, she started squirming to get down and I felt a stronger pain. Then as I was lowering her into her crib, my back just quit. I've haven't gotten off the couch since, AND to make things even more enjoyable, AC has a cold. Darn you, Gymboree. Daddy has had a very long day. Bless his heart. We love him and appreciate all his nursing.

So, no pictures today. I'm in no shape to be chasing a toddler around with a camera. I'm typing this from the iPad because I can't get to the computer! Pray for us. Daddy's got a very busy week at work and we really, really, really need him at home.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday's Really Long Post

It's Friiiiiiday! We love Fridays because that means that the Daddy gets to join in on our fun for a few days! Here is how our day commenced:
6:40ish: Wake-Up call from an 18 month old who was barking like a dog and mooing like a cow.
7-9:30: Eat breakfast, watch Barney and Sports Center, put in laundry (I bet you can't guess which of us is doing each of these activities). Daddy goes to work. Get ready for Gymboree. I've decided that this child needs some interaction with kids her own age, so we are giving Gymboree another go. It was fun last time but our lives got really hectic a month later and we stopped going.
10-12:30: Gymboree. Preface: I'm going to get on my soapbox for a minute, so feel free to skip on down if you don't want to hear it. Here goes. My child is 18 months old as you all know. The kids in her Gymboree group are 18-24 months. This is PLENTY old enough to behave, in most cases. I realize that toddlers are only capable of following a few rules, but seriously. Seriously! I can not stand to watch these little rascals run lawless around Gymboree. Why do parents even bring their kids, why pay the money, if you aren't going to at least try to make your kid participate in the program? And guess what happens when the child of the lazy parent starts pulling out all the cool hidden toys while my kid is supposed to playing an organized activity with a parachute? Yep, she drops that parachute like bad habit and makes a beeline for those cool toys. There goes my attempt at making my rambunctious, stubborn, nosey girl focus and participate. Stay home, lazy moms. I've got enough on my hands without trying to make your kid pay attention. You are ruining it for everyone else. Ok. I feel much better. It must be the teacher coming out in me! I'm sure it was because I snatched up those cool hidden toys, put them out of reach, and walked my girl straight back to the parachute with a smile. Anyway, she did love Gymboree and chattered all afternoon in her little language about everything under the sun!
12:30-2:15: Naps for all.
2:15-3:00: Lunch for all.
3-4: Quick trip to Target. Cereal, yogurt, bread, water, bananas...check.
4-4:30: Outside feeding ducks, throwing rocks in the lake, dancing, singing, playing with sticks, and such.
4:30-5:30: Some more Barney, dinner for AC, playing with her horses and babies.
5:30-6:00: Daddy gets home. More fishing.
6:10: AC bedtime. Daddy and I eat leftovers and start cleaning up the debris left scattered about by the little tornado that is our daughter. Oh, and I remembered that I put laundry in the washer this morning and forgot to put it in the dryer. Great.

I want to call this next section Friday's Favorites. These are all of our favorite things (this week)!
This week, AC loves...
1) This movie
I mean l.o.v.e.s.s.s.s.s. it!! She stands in her little chair and just yells at the TV with excitement. It trumps Barney every time. And that is a huge deal. I must say, it is adorable. I almost cried when I watched it the first time. Makes me miss my papaw. It's must-see, if you haven't already.
2) Ducks. Well, she actually likes feeding the ducks bread more than just the ducks alone. I have to keep her constantly preoccupied or she stands at the door and begs to go out all day long.
3) Dress-up clothes. More specifically, the princess outfit Mamaw and Papaw got her for Christmas. She wore it all day on Tuesday, even when we went to the park. No, I'm not kidding.

This week, Daddy loves...
1) Our new programmable coffee maker. It's nothing fancy. Just a Mr. Coffee. But we have fresh brewed coffee every morning at 6:30.

2) This show. He doesn't watch much TV, but he really loves this show. CBS. Thursday. 8 pm. Watch it!
3) His iPad. And he l.o.v.e.s.s.s.s.s.s.s it. I wasn't into it a first. I don't have an iPhone and am not into all these mobile devices. But it is so very cool. We are addicted. He won it in a contest. If you get one, I promise you'll love it.
This week, Mama loves...
1) Twitter. It's better than Facebook, for real. I am slightly obsessed. Just ask my sister.
2) General Hospital. I just love it and have since I was 13 years old. My very first episode was Stone's memorial service. They got me right then and there. Hook, line, and sinker. And today happens to be a big day on GH. Perhaps the pinnacle of my viewing history. I'll spare you the details, but I'm loving it!! I know, I know...I need a job, right?
3) This little foot filer. We wear sandals all year here and that is hard on a Mama's heels. I can't go without this little guy. I heart him.
4) Blogs. I have been reading blogs for a few years, way before I started one of my own. You really should find a few that you enjoy. I read blogs instead of watching TV. My most favorite blog is this one:
"Enjoying the Small Things" by Kelle Hampton. She is pretty awesome and really inspires me to be a better friend, daughter, sister, wife, and mostly, mom. If you are new to blogs, this is a wonderful place to start. Click on the red "Enjoying the Small Things" to check it out. Make sure to click on the "Start Here If You're New Tab" at the top. I promise you won't be disappointed.

And of course, we are all loving each of you! Happy long weekend, everyone.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Well, Hello Year 29!

Today is my birthday! It is the day that marks the beginning of the last year of my 20's. All I wanted was for my girl to be happy and easy going. So, Daddy and I did things to make this happen. It all started early (because that's how we roll around here...e.a.r.l.y.) this morning when Daddy took her to pick up this little birthday surprise.
Of, course she ate one. Or half of one. The furry dog swiped most of it, as usual. After donuts, I got my gift. You know you're getting old when this present makes you jump for joy, literally. Hooray for steam mops!

Perhaps the best part of the day was the 2 1/2 hour nap that AC took. Thanks, sweet baby. After nap time, I continued my crusade for a tantrum and whine-free birthday. Therefore, we took a little trip over Monkey Joe's for the very first time.

AC had a blast. As soon as we got on the first contraption (for lack of a better word), she spotted a 3 year old boy who had on a Toy Story shirt. Well, that was it. She loved him. Who wouldn't? He had Woody AND Buzz on his shirt. Totally awesome! She spent the next 2 hours chasing him around all the bouncy things.

Getting ready to go into the first area.

This was my view most of the time. She never sat still. And yes, I had to go in with her. She is too young to do it alone. I'm pretty sure I pulled a muscle and will most definitely be sore tomorrow. There's a reason almost-30 year olds don't get in bouncy houses.

I swear she heard the angels sing when she saw this beauty! Ride, ride, ride! Ride, ride, ride!

To end this wonderful day, Daddy took her fishing.

Watching Daddy bait his hook.

Yay! They caught one! She loved it.

And another! Look at that smile!

And another!
I think I've got a little fisherman on my hands. It was a wonderful day. Many thanks to those who sent birthday wishes. Every year that I get to spend my birthday with Daddy and my girl is a great one!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Headache and Haiti

I NEVER get headaches. Never. I've had less than 10 headaches my entire life and 2 of those I consider migraines. Well, I have one today. I think it is from stress or the fact that I have eaten nothing but junk today (PB&J for breakfast, Doritos for lunch, my birthday cake for a snack, and McDonald's for dinner). That's enough to make anyone feel horrible. I don't have much stress, actually next to none, but today was hectic. Breaks in the routine make me anxious and that could give me a headache. The reason today was hectic...the Daddy is back from Haiti once more. Here are few of his pictures.

Haitian kids

New houses for earthquake victims.

A large Haitian family living in a tent community.
Daddy informed me that this city (not this group of tents) is the voodoo capital of the country.

The harbor at Port-au-Prince

Aerial view of Haiti (Port-au-Prince). All the blue areas are tent houses.

The University of Miami set up a mobile hospital to treat cholera.

The Haitian National Palace after the earthquake.
As you can see, it is still a very devastated place. Count your blessing, folks. And say some prayers for those who don't have many to count.

So, this 6th trip to Haiti is why we celebrated Valentine's Day early and now life can get back to normal. And my headache can go away. We love and miss you all!