Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Long Day

Today's Events:
1) Wake and realize our car was broken into.
2) AC and I meet some friends at the park for a pre-arranged date. I got a sunburn.
3) AC takes a nap. I file a police report.
4) AC poops on the potty finally!
5) Daddy files our taxes.
6) Everyone goes to bed (except me, which will happen as soon as I'm done with this).

It's been a long and eventful day.

This picture makes me smile though.
3 little beautiful friends. It's love. And it's very sweet.

Nighty, night.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Growing Things

Growing things. Seeds and baby birds, that is.

At AC's school, they have a little garden. The students get to help plant the seeds, water these seeds, pull weeds, and watch it grow. They do this daily. Then when it begins to grow they get to pick the vegetables, fruits, and flowers. Many kids will actually eat the things they helped grow. It is such a great thing. AC loves it. She talks about planting her seeds and even showed me how to do it in the yard. So when I saw these little pots in the $1 bin at Target, I knew she would love them. She does.

We are patiently waiting to see little sprouts.

I also found this little birdhouse. She was so excited to color it. I promised her that we would hang it outside for the baby birds tomorrow.

Love her concentrated face (or lip)!

We love and miss you all!

Saturday, January 28, 2012


A few weeks before Christmas, my sister sent me a text message that said she thought AC looked just like the new Disney princess. Well, I hadn't heard that there was a new princess, so what did I do? I googled it. When I saw this picture, a few things ran through my head.
1) Do other people view AC as a redhead? Because I really never had. Maybe auburn in the right light.
2) What the heck? Sure, Megs. If you say so.
When I showed this picture to Daddy, he thought my sister was insane. He began texting her pictures of kids who looked more like this Princess Merida (according to him). Like this little lady. Bless her heart.

We all shared a good laugh and went about our business. Then, while we were at home for Christmas, my sister brought it up again. She thought AC looked just like the new princess, Sofia the First. Sofia the First? Not Princess Merida? She googled Sofia the First and this sweet little picture popped up.

And I have to agree. I know I'm a little biased but I really do think that AC favors the new little princess at times. What do you think?

Not only is she the newest Disney princess, but she is also the only princess that isn't an adult. I just know that AC is going to LOVE her when she debuts this fall!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Party Time

AC and I saw our sweet little neighbors, Mia and Elise, today. It's been way too long since we saw them last. Elise wanted to invite AC to her birthday party, so she, Mia, and their mom walked to our house this afternoon.
AC was so excited to get invited! She hugged Elise about 5 times and told her thank you. As soon as they left, AC started begging to go to Elise's party. She could not understand why I was telling her that we had to wait a few days AND that we had to buy her a present first. She wanted to go to the party TONIGHT! This is the first party she has been invited to by one of her little girlfriends. She can hardly wait!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

She Likes It

She likes it. No, she loves it. Her princess tent was the most favorite toy from Santa.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

For My Girl

My dearest baby girl,

Today your daddy and I attended your very first parent-teacher conference. 11:15 with Ms. Lyndi for your mid-year progress report. As we sat down at the little red table in your classroom, I couldn't quite believe that you are big enough for this (and I prayed a quick prayer that the tiny chairs wouldn't crush beneath us...Daddy's did). Ms. Lyndi opened a folder that was labeled with your name. I remember those folders from my days as the teacher. Those folders hold lots of papers that tell us special things about you, your brain, your heart, and your spirit. So when she slid the first paper across the table toward Daddy and me, I wasn't nervous at all. Because, you see, my girl, it doesn't matter what these papers say. I already know the things that make your brain, your heart, and your spirit so special. No one knows more than me.

These papers said wonderful things. It's no secret that the beginning of this journey was difficult for you. You are the baby in your class. All of your friends have turned three already and you were 2 1/2 this week. That means six months of changes and discoveries for them that are still waiting for you. There were days when this frustrated you and you didn't yet have the words to express it. The papers said just this. But this was months ago and you have grown so much. The papers said this as well. You have blossomed and are doing wonderfully in school. You are so very smart, you make wise choices, and you are incredibly loving. "She is just a joy, Sara. Truly," said Ms. Lyndi. She also said, "This girl of yours is a leader. A natural leader. When she walks in the room, she draws the other children to her like a magnet. I'm telling you now that she may very well be the first female president of this country!" My cheeks hurt from smiling. I'm just so very proud of you. I'm excited that you are thriving at school. And I know that you are headed for big things, my Monkey. Daddy and I love you more than you love Diego. And that's a lot.

Monday, January 23, 2012

For Our Family

So I was thinking. Thinking that if I had given people a big ol' gift card or wad of cash, I would be interested in seeing how they used it. Just to know that they had gotten something they really wanted. So, here you go. Here's what we got!

AC's gifts! These are just a few. Daddy and I have plans for the rest of her money. We're just spacing it all out, so she doesn't get bored too quickly.
A Princess Tent and Tunnel, a sand truck for the beach, a camera, Little People SUV and Castle, and a bike. She will see it all in the morning. I'll be sure to let you know how it all goes over.

Daddy got 2 very nice suits and a pair of shoes he has been wanting for quite some time.
Just 1 of his suits and shoes.

And I got this stuff. I've been waiting/saving for each of these for a long time, so I'm really happy that I can finally call them mine.
My loot: Face cream, phone, running shoes, and make up.

Thanks to you all for your love and generosity. I can't wait for the day to come when we can buy each other gifts again!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Little People

AC loves Little People. I would wager to say that they are her most favorite thing to play with.

Making her people stand in a straight line.

They even have names.
Left to right: Kayla, Mommy, Matilda, Brookie, Peyton, Nicky, Papa, Dominique.

When Santa finally visits her here (which will happen as soon as I make my final trip to Toys R Us), she will probably find some new and exciting Little People in her stash.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Small Songstress

Singing silly songs.
This child sings ALL the time. Constantly. Even her teacher says so. She used to just make up songs and melodies. Now she is beginning to sing recognizable tunes. A few from today's repertoire: Jesus Loves Me, Baby Love, You Are My Sunshine, Down in My Heart, Thank You God, Turkey in the Straw, Wonder Pet's theme song, and a few of her favorites from The Backyardigans. I'm pretty sure I could sing, "I'm Queen Tasha and I rule the whole backyard! Nananana!!" in my sleep (which I think she has adopted as her theme song)!

Her concert had to be stopped when she needed to blow her nose. And very dramatically, might I add.

Then the songs picked right back up while she played with her playdoh.

Never a dull moments, folks. But it's great that way.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1) Purple jellies are fun.

2) My girl is fascinated by Diana Ross. Lord help me.
She was completely hypnotised by this video. "Baby Love" happens to be her most favorite song. She asked me to sing it to her on the way to school yesterday. Once I finished, she would clap and say, "Again!" I must have sung that song 10 times. Then she started singing it to me. Priceless. At random times, she will pretend that her name is "Baby Love." I'll say, "Anna Claire, come here." She'll say, "No, Mommy. I not Anna Claire. I Baby Love." Indeed, she is.

3) I've been thinking a lot about what I read here. Trying to make the most of this fleeting time of littleness I have with my girl.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Back to School

After 32 days away, AC went back to school today. She was so excited to go. In fact, when I got her out of bed this morning, the first thing she said was, "I go to Wyndi's house today, Mommy!!!!" She ate breakfast and got dressed swiftly and we were headed for the door. Until she decided that she needed to take all of her things to show Wyndi (she now calls her Wendy and not Winnie). Yes, ALL of her things...place mats, birthday candles, socks, magnets, pencils, and more. I managed to convince her to only take the candles and we made it to school on time.

She was so happy to see everyone. She gave big hugs to everyone she saw, even a few cars in the parking lot. She went straight to playing as soon as we walked in. Not one tear was shed when I left and Ms. Lyndi said she had an excellent day. It was so good that she didn't want to leave.

She took a good nap and ate lots of healthy snacks this afternoon. We spent most of the rest of the day on the patio.

It was a very good day.

Pretending to take a nap outside.

Monday, January 16, 2012


Trying to decide if she wants to watch Daddy mow the grass or watch another episode of Olivia. It's hard to be 2 years old.

She has officially named these Little People. Left to right: Bob, La, and Baby Caroline.

The weather is nice. 75ish today. We had our windows open this afternoon. Now, if only I could get myself organized. I can't remember anything. Anything. I swear I have to look at the calendar a few times a day just to remember what day it is. Is is possible to develop dementia at 29? That is how I feel on most days. Please accept my apologies if I have forgotten something important lately. I promise that I'm going to get my act together soon. It's embarrassing.

We love and miss you all more than you could possibly know.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Last 2 Weeks

Here are a few pictures of what AC's been up to the last 2 weeks.

Building a fort with Nina. Yes, Nina is under there. No, that's not her purple butt sticking out.

AC peaking out at Mommy.

Looking so big before she headed out to do a little shopping with Nina, May, and Mommy.

This little blue coat and hat were Megan's when she was 2 years old. AC enjoyed wearing them!

Tickling the ivories at our New Year's Eve celebration. I think she has a musical bone in her somewhere. She's quite the singer, dancer, drummer, pianist, etc. HA!

Swinging on one of the 'warm' days.

We are finally back home. It's been a long day. AC had an all-out meltdown at the airport. It was pretty miserable for everyone. She's been rather grumpy all day. You can imagine how bedtime went. I just hope she sleeps well as she hasn't been her bed in nearly 4 weeks.

We're glad to be home. Please pray for us, though. The first few days back are always hard for everyone. We always suffer from a big case of homesickness. Lots of tears, lots of tantrums, and not much sleep. We love and miss you all. Thanks for such a wonderful holiday season.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Her First Snow

2 1/2 years old and seeing her first real snow fall. Here she is taking it all in.

My Florida baby playing with her beach toys in the snow.

Attempting to make a snow angel!

Taking a little taste!

Just for you, Uncle Bennie! She's watching Bull hunt for kitties.

Sweet boy enjoying the snow.

The dog caused her to fall face-down in the snow. She thought this was quite funny.