Thursday, April 19, 2012

Daddy and Me

Yesterday, Nathan and I were talking about where we want to live when we leave here. We have lots of options and plenty of time to decide. During this conversation, this thought crossed my mind, "If we had to pack up and move tomorrow, what would I miss the most about living here?" It only took me a few seconds to decide. Without a doubt, I would miss AC's school the most. And she would too. She absolutely loves her school and, even more, her teacher. So do I. You will see how happy she is in the videos below.

About the videos: Monday night was "Daddy and Me" night at AC's school. It was a night for the children to bring their dads and show them what they do each day. Daddy and AC had a great time. He shot these videos of her. FYI: Her partner in crime is her bff, Matilda. Enjoy!


  1. look at that sassy little thing!
    How fun to see her in action in her element.

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