Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Not much going on around her. Yesterday was "Daddy and Me" at preschool. AC and Daddy had a lot of fun. He has a few pictures on his phone, but we are having trouble getting them on the blog. I'll post them in the future if we can figure it out.

It's starting to get hot here. Today was 83 and there isn't any chance that it will get cooler. In just a matter of weeks, it will be around 90 everyday. Sigh. People keep telling me that I will miss this weather once we're gone. I can't imagine that this will ever be true. I. Hate. The. Heat. Period.

Anywho, this little picture makes me happy.
Sadie and AC

This beautiful little Sadie is AC's classmate. They are the only 2 of 10 kids that are still 2. But not for long. Sadie turns 3 in about 12 days! These girls are double trouble, I tell you. They are sooooo much alike that it's scary! I'm so excited that they have found each other and will continue their little preschool journey together for the next 2 years!!

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