Sunday, July 15, 2012

We're Here

Early Friday morning (and I mean very early) we headed to the airport to make our way home.  AC traveled in her pjs because I took her straight from her bed to the car.

So very excited!

Reading over the safety brochure.

We arrived in Lexington before most people had even made it to work.  Then we headed over to Chick-fil-A for a little breakfast.  We had no idea that it was "Dress Like a Cow and Get Free Chicken Day."  It was packed.  AC loved the big cow. 

After a quick trip to Whole Foods, we went home to Nina and Papa's house.  The next morning, Aunt Megan came.  She was so excited.  AC took her straight to the garden to pick any and every vegetable she could find. 

Later Uncle Bud came to visit.  He brought his dog, Chance.  AC thinks he is a funny boy!

More garden fun!

Papa had a surprise for her.  A bunny!  She named her Osha.  We have NO idea where she came up with this name, but she likes it. 

She ended the day with a little "volleyball" in the yard.  She called it volleyball, but it was actually just a bouncy ball and a bat!  She loved this wild hairdo Aunt Megan gave her. 

There is lots more fun to come!

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