Monday, April 18, 2011

At the Pool (& A Birthday)!

The most exciting part of this Monday, the 18th of April....Happy Birthday to our new cousin, Caroline!!! We already love her so much and haven't even seen her! Congratulations, Tyler and Ashley! And guess what the cool part is...she was born on her grandma's birthday. Happy Birthday, La! What a wonderful present for you!

The rest of the day consisted of some time at the pool. This was AC second time in the pool. Her first time was last fall at our friend Melissa's house.

She wasn't so sure of it a first. Before she would get in the water, she threw all her things in.

Testing it out.
A little more exploring.

"Ok. I'm outta here."

She did eventually play in the water. However, she slipped and went under no long after she got comfortable. This scared her and she was officially finished after that. We had fun anyway!

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