Friday, April 1, 2011

No April Fool's Joke

I wish I could say that the events of today were all just big ol' April Fool's jokes, but I can't. Sadly enough, it is true. AC chipped her two front teeth. She was leading her stuffed dog around the patio on a dog leash and fell flat on her face. I first thought it was just a busted lip. It wasn't until I was changing her diaper about 15 minutes later that I noticed both front teeth were missing the inside corners and that most of the blood was coming from her teeth, not her lips.

We made a trip to the pediatric dentist, took x-rays, and had an exam. Luckily, there is no apparent damage to the roots of her teeth or her gums. They are a little loose, but the Dr. said they should be back to normal in about 2 weeks. She is supposed to eat only soft foods until that time. I'm supposed to watch for her teeth to turn yellow, gray, or brown. This could mean that the tooth is dying or bleeding inside. I pray none of this happens.

So, being the frantic mother that I was, I don't have any pictures from today. Maybe, if I'm lucky, I can get a shot of her little jagged teeth tomorrow!


  1. ohmygoodness!! I am so sorry Sara.

  2. Oh my, your poor baby! I just love your little blog! AC is absolutely beautiful....and you take great pictures! I have every intention of doing a blog one day....just need to find the time to get it started!