Monday, April 25, 2011


We didn't leave the house today except to check the mail. It was a lazy Monday for us and I only picked up my camera once (you'll see later). So, here are a few random pictures I found from the last few weeks.

AC says 'goes' instead of 'toes'. On morning last week, she walked up to me holding a pair of Daddy's socks and said, "Goes! Goes!" She wanted to wear Daddy socks. And she did...for a few hours.

Our only puzzle is this wooden farm puzzle. She affectionately refers to this guy as "Papa" and she came to this conclusion all on her own.

One of her new favorite words is 'nap'. 'Nap' means lying down, covering up with a blanket, getting a kiss, and closing your eyes. AC decided Mr. Bear needed a nap.

She has recently fallen in love with cheese quesadillas. I can't bring myself to taste her quesadillas because I have to use that veggie cheese. It must not be too bad because she loves them!

Finally, the only time I picked up my camera today. As soon as Daddy gets up in the morning or comes home from work, she starts screaming, "Shishies! Shishies!!" She and her daddy go fishing at least once a day. Today they caught a big one and she was so excited. Please excuse the messy head. Bad hair day.

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  1. ohhhh! Love the updates.
    I am pretty sure we got her that puzzle and I am pretty sure she needs some more!