Saturday, December 17, 2011

Breakfast with Santa

Well, it finally happened. My girl got to meet Santa for the very first time. Her school hosted a "Breakfast With Santa" this morning. It was really nice. The line for Santa moved quickly and we got to eat breakfast and mingle with friends for the last time before our long break. The food was good, there were crafts for the kids, and Santa brought candy and a small toy for each child.

Here's how it went for AC:
We arrived, bid on a few things at the Silent Auction in the lobby, found a seat and started coloring. About 5 minutes later, Daddy spotted Santa making his way across the room to his bench up front. AC was thrilled. She smiled from ear to ear and covered her eyes! A few minutes later, we got some food and ate breakfast. After the line had dwindled down to the last few kids, we decided to join it. Here we are. She started to get a little nervous, so I began to really exaggerate the greatness of Santa. It worked.

She cautiously crawled onto his lap. I stood right there and encouraged her to tell him what she wanted this year.

She told him she wanted a puppy! Santa got a kick out of that! Then he handed her a candy cane and a stuffed dolphin. She was a happy girl.

After "Breakfast With Santa," we went to Stein Mart just to look around. I paid no attention to wear I parked the stroller as I looked through the kid section. I turned around when I heard her say, "Mommy, me have eweben (11) Santas!" She had picked every Santa figurine out of this display! He must have made quite an impression!

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