Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Today at school, AC got to go to the Santa Store. The PTO organized a little activity where the parents paid $2 per family member, they bought inexpensive gifts and set them up in a designated area, and each student got to shop for her family. I had forgotten about it until I picked AC up today. We were walking out the door when I heard the teacher calling, "Wait, Anna Claire! You forgot your gifts!" After we went back and got them, AC looked at me and said, "Mommy, me went shopping!" I said, "Yes, you did! Did you get Mommy and Daddy a Christmas present?" She said, "Right. Me get you bear. Me get Daddy sticks." Well, there you go. She kept that a secret for all of 2 minutes. But I couldn't stop wondering what she meant by 'sticks'. When I asked her what kind of sticks, she said, "Drumsticks, Mommy!" So as soon as Daddy got home from work, we opened our presents!

Her gift bags. There was a painted drawing of her hand on the other side!

Mommy's Bear and Daddy's "Sticks" (zip ties)

We laughed after we opened them because we tried to imagine her walking through the store looking for the perfect thing for us. I can totally understand why she picked the bear. Kids like bears. But the zip ties? I can't imagine why she thought these were the best gift for Daddy. She's a funny girl.

Here she is before school. I asked her to stand still so that I could get a picture of her and this is what I got. The statue pose.
By the way, the teacher has strongly advised that I put socks on her from now on. It looks so goofy, but I'm trying to do what is asked! If it makes the day easier, I'll play along.
We love and miss you all!

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