Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Party '11

Oh my word. We are a VERY tired bunch today. It's been a crazy week! I'll keep this short and sweet. First, it is Daddy's birthday!!!!! We enjoyed dinner at Bone Fish Grill and ate some banana pudding for dessert (he requested this instead of a cake). Before Daddy's birthday celebration, AC and I had a fun Christmas party at her school. Here are some pictures.

AC at snack time with her friends, Sadie and Nicolas.

All the girls waiting patiently for their gift from Ms. Lyndi. How crazy is it that 4 of the 6 girls have curly hair!

Ms. Lyndi must have been out of her mind when she thought these were a good idea! Take a minute to imagine what this exact moment sounded like. Yeah, it was that bad.

Girls being silly on the playground.

Sliding with friends!

Best buddies. Melts my heart.

Playing with Ms. Lyndi's homemade gingerbread play-doh (which she eventually started eating...but she wasn't the only one)!

Whew! I volunteered to help Ms. Lyndi with the party, so I was there the entire day with AC. I don't know how she does it everyday. Those nine 2 year old wore me out!

Happy birthday, Daddy! We love you!!

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