Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Park

AC and I met our friends at the park this morning. As soon as I told her we were going to play with Makayla, she wouldn't stop talking about "MayMay"!

It is a chilly day by south Florida standards. Only 71 degrees. But it is also breezy, so that makes it feel extra chilly in the shade. AC was able to break-in some of her winter clothes that we bought for our trip home.

My big girl getting ready to go down the slide!

Little girls picking flowers.

Taking a walk.

Lounging in the tunnel.

It was a fun morning. AC didn't want to leave, so I had to drag her to the car kicking and screaming. That's pretty much a normal thing, sadly enough. She can't stop talking about MayMay and can't wait to see her at school tomorrow!

In other news:
Daddy took AC to Kohl's with him yesterday evening. He called on the way home to tell me that he's sure that store will never be the same after their visit. I must admit that I find it humorous when he gets to experience what my everyday life is like with AC. His first mistake was that he let her out of the stroller. Who can blame a girl for taking advantage of an opportunity like that? She ran wild through the store pulling things off the shelves. Then she begged and cried for a $40 Dora doll. Instead he convinced her to settle for a $5 dolphin. She also begged to buy a 'prise' for Mommy. She was so excited to surprise me with a sparkly peace sign ornament. He also said that she kept repeating, "I miss Mommy so much" while they were gone. I just love this girl.

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