Monday, November 8, 2010

Race Car Grocery Cart

It seems that the time has come for the race car grocery cart. And boy, was it an adventure. First, the thing is gigantic. I feel like a 7 year old trying to maneuver it around the corners of each aisle. We almost took out a few people. Secondly, there is way too much room in the seat area. Even if you strap in your kid, she can still move around quite a bit (see photos below). The problem is that she now knows the race car exists. So the normal cart is now boring and just doesn't provide a joyous grocery shopping experience for this toddler. Oh, and let us not forget that there are probably scientific studies proving these race cars to be thriving habitats for all varieties of bacteria, fungus, viruses, and stray boogers and snacks. Yay for the race car grocery cart. Not.

We love and miss you all!

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