Thursday, November 11, 2010

Yesterday & Today

What started as a 10 minute break to 'rest my eyes' turned into a very long nap. Thus, the blog didn't get done last night. But here is what I intended to post.

Daddy and his girl fed the ducks yesterday evening.

And AC was just pointing that little finger and giving those ducks a good talkin' to.
Daddy says he thinks she inherited a bossy gene. I think I should be offended by this.
Then Daddy found a seashell and lots of sticks on the lake. Fun times for a little girl!
Today, we had lunch at our friend Melissa's house. AC was dying to get in the pool. So we let her stick her feet in. She L.O.V.E.D. it even though it was just a little cold!
Happy Veteran's Day to my Grandaddy, my Papaw, my Uncle Hank, my Uncle Bob, Daddy's Papaw and Pawpaw, and AC's Uncle Nathan and Uncle Judd. A most special Happy Veteran's Day goes out to Daddy. We truly appreciate what you've done for us, our country, and our God. We love you.

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