Thursday, March 31, 2011

Oh Soy, Oh Soy!!

I mentioned last week that AC's diaper rash was back. It still is. She has also been having some gastro issues (you don't want to know the details, trust me) for about a week. Yesterday I called the pediatrician and we saw her first thing this morning. The good news is it is not anything fungal. The bad news is Dr. Fang thinks she has a milk allergy. This milk allergy is causing her to skin to react (the diaper rash) and causing her to have digestion issues (inflammation of her large intestine). So, no more cow's milk for AC. Just like with her formula, she only gets soy milk. And soy yogurt. And soy cheese. Yummy.

On a happier note, we got new patio furniture yesterday. Late last night, Daddy took the enormous box it came in and made his girl a clubhouse. He and I were both so excited for her to wake up and see it. Kinda like when Santa comes!

She absolutely loved it. Take a look at how it looked inside when she went to bed tonight.

We also went back to the chiropractor. Daddy wasn't here to watch her and I had already rescheduled this appointment twice. I decided to take her with me and prayed that she would cooperate just enough for me to do the minimum. Thankfully there was a really sweet 9 year old girl there (who told me that AC was as big as a 3 year old and that I looked like a teenager...both of which I've been told before) who kept her busy. She was a complete angel. And she got her little back adjusted, too! It is quite funny to watch her when the chiropractor is feeling her spine. It must tickle.

Anyway, I'm hopeful that the soy will be the key to solving these mysterious issues she's been having. And I'm so very thankful that God chose to give this vivacious, loving, beautiful girl to us. She lights up every room, this girl. She's something special and she ours. How awesome is that!

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