Wednesday, May 11, 2011


First let me apologize for missing so many days of blogging. We are struggling with some insomnia issues around here and it makes for one tired mama at the end of the day.

Oh and I wanted to say that...No, Daddy isn't attempting to impersonate Wilson from Home Improvement (thanks for the laugh, Abby) ! He doesn't want his face on the blog. You know, for safety reasons.

Now on to today. We didn't leave the house this morning. It's just so hot and I had a long list of chores to get done. AC took a good nap and then we ran to the grocery store. We did a little Skyping when we got home and then ate dinner. She was really good today. These pictures are from the end of the day, right before bedtime. Hence the crazy hair and lack of clothing.

She was holding my phone to G's ear and saying, "E-O!" G graciously played along.

A few minutes later, she dug these gloves out from somewhere. Daddy helped her put them on and she loved it!

Tomorrow is our first day back to Library Story Time after missing the last 2 weeks. I hope she behaves!

Happy Late Birthday, Marissa!! :)

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