Sunday, May 1, 2011


AC hasn't always been a lover of books. However, she has recently learned to enjoy books and even pretends to read from time to time. Here is a short video of her "reading" an envelope from the mail. Hilarious!

Other happenings from the weekend:
Saturday, AC and Daddy went to Monkey Joe's. She absolutely loves it. Daddy fixed the toilet upstairs while AC and I played and watched a little Dino Dan.
Sunday, we went to church where AC was bitten by a little boy. She cried a little and then was over it. He didn't break the skin, but she has a big circular bruise on her wrist. AC and Daddy went to the park. We did a little Skyping. More Dino Dan and bedtime at 7:15.
It was nice weekend here. We hope you all enjoyed your weekends!!

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