Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It Seems

It seems that when you are in preschool, your mommy and daddy are bombarded with surveys, sign-up sheets, volunteer forms, book orders, daily artwork, lunch orders, extra-curricular options, etc. I know I'm new to the whole "my little one is in school" club, but seriously. I'm a little stressed out about the constant stream of paper that is being sent home. It seems like it is something new everyday. In 7th grade, we hardly ever sent stuff home. Geez.

It seems ('s a fact) that here where we live there is no such thing as fall or winter. And spring only shows up for about 2 January. It's pretty much 85-95 degrees most of the year. The problem is that stores here carry the exact same stuff they would in KY. Sweaters, boots, coats, scarves. It's insane. The thought of wearing a coat and scarf here makes me a little queasy. For the 2nd year in a row, I'm unprepared for this. AC has very few summer clothing items in size 2T. Right now this is fine. She can still wear most of her 24 mos. things. However, if she hits a growth spurt in the next 4 months, she will be wearing the same 5 outfits on rotation. No lie. It's not until late February that stores start putting out clothing for warmer weather. Maybe next year I will finally catch on and start stocking up for the winter months while summer clothing is still available.

It seems that my furry dog is feeling better. After 3 weeks of stomach issues, she seems to be doing ok. I say 'ok' because her tummy still makes some crazy noises but there hasn't been any diarrhea or vomit in about 1 week. Knock on wood.

It seems I was attempting to win 'Mother of the Year' when I decided this was a good idea.

Oy. Walking a dog and a toddler. I guess I was feeling a little brave. The problems involved multiple poops on the furry one's part which I had to pick out of some one's yard, very ferocious lizard hunting on the furry one's part, several dog/stroller collisions, a screaming girl who wanted to walk, and a rain shower. I stopped to take a picture when it was all over to prove that it actually happened. Because it will probably never happen again.

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  1. This makes me laugh! I just attempted a walk with 2 kids and a dog yesterday....BIG mistake! Dog gotten bitten by another dog, baby tried to escapte the stroller and 4 year old was not happy unless she was either "walking" the dog or pushing the stroller! I feel your pain :)