Sunday, September 11, 2011


Days like today are so very bittersweet. This afternoon I met my friends, Rebecca, Chandra, Alison, and Amy, at a park for lunch and baby play dates. It was long overdue. I haven't seen any of them since January. Moving so far away from home has taught me to truly love and cherish people like these girls.

This isn't a frameworthy picture but it's the only one I have of the adults!

These 2 little ladies were FAST friends. I absolutely love it.

We love you, Auntie Amy!

Beautiful Baby Rosie

AC wanted to "hep Rosie wing." Poor little Rosie.


Completely worn out.

So while I loved today and really, really needed today, I was sad when I drove away. Sad because I know that it will be far too many weeks/months before we see each other again. Thanks for a great afternoon, ladies. And thanks for making me a priority in your lives even though I'm so very far way. You will never know how much that means.

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  1. HOW GREAT! I am sooooooo sad I missed out. I would have loved to see you. :(
    Hope you are enjoying your time here.