Tuesday, September 27, 2011


AC wore this lovely little purple dress to the Megan and Justin's rehearsal dinner. I didn't get any pictures of her that night because she was a complete maniac. A complete and total maniac. Most of you know this. You were there. Anyway, she saw this dress hanging on her laundry hamper and begged me to let her wear it. "Pen-sess, MOMMY! Pen-sess, PLEASEEEEE!" She thinks all dresses are princess dresses. It's kinda cute. She will prance around and say, "Me petty pen-sess." So, I let her wear it. I hoped I could get some pictures of her it before she outgrows it. Later in the afternoon, we went outside to play and I was able to snap a few.

Just for the record, she isn't posing. She is trying to lie back on the porch step.

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