Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Back to School

Good news...AC is feeling A-OK. The first thing she said when she woke up this morning was, "Mommy! You drive me to Winnie's (her teacher) house in car today, peeeeessssee!" She didn't get to go on Monday because she was vomiting. She was really missing her Ms. Lyndi. Here she is before school having a little conversation with Daddy about her stethoscope.

After school, we went to the pediatrician to discuss some allergy issues. Once we finally got home, we watched an episode of Little Einsteins and played. She really enjoyed the fact that Daddy's beer coozie made a perfect shirt of Jessie.

I'm so tired. It's been a non-stop kinda day. Oh and it was 87 degrees here. Seriously. I was a sweaty mess before I even finished strapping AC in her car seat. There's just something unnatural about it being 87 on November 16th. Pray that we get some cooler temperatures soon!


  1. Love the beer coozie shirt! Hilarious.

  2. ha! Jessie you are so funny!
    Love AC's turkey shirt.
    UGH for 87. It is 31 here today, not sure which is worse.