Sunday, November 6, 2011


Whenever I give AC a bath in the sink, she begs to have 'wittle baff tups' for her friends. These little bathtubs are better known as ramekins. She fills them with water, sets them on the counter, and places friends inside for a soak.

Here are Jessie and Barbie getting their turn in the teeny, tiny hot tub. Barbie is being her normal self, waving at the camera. And Jessie, well, it seems that she may be trying to end it all.

It was a regular party over in this little hot tub. Even the horse got invited.

Patiently waiting for their turns.

Guess what else ramekins can make? Drums!!
These little bowls make for one happy, little bath-taker!

It's the little tiny bowls.

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