Sunday, November 13, 2011


When I can't think of anything to name the blog post, I just call it whatever day of the week it is. Like today. There is no theme or commonality to what we did today. So I couldn't think of a single title. "Sunday" it is.

By 8:15 A.M., we were at the park. AC asked to go as soon as she woke up. So we went. We stayed until 10. Two hours and I still had to drag her away. I was so tired and it wasn't even noon.

When we got home, she played for awhile. She loves to lay my magazines out in a row on the floor and pretend she is building a road. It was then that she found an old J.Crew catalogue. AC and I had looked at together when I first received it. She wasn't that into it. That is until we came to this page.
She yelled, "Mommy! You, Mommy, YOU!!!" She was convinced that this lady was me! HA! I'm pretty sure that the only thing this lady and I have in common is the crazy hair and maybe the sunglasses. Every time AC sees this picture, she brings it to me so I can see myself!

Back to today. She took a long nap and was so cranky when she woke up. Then we went to get groceries and walked Gracie. We stopped at Mia and Elise's house for about an hour. Elise is 4 and Mia is 1. It is interesting to watch AC interact with each girl in such a different way. She acts big for Elise and like a baby with Mia.

When we finally got home, we had dinner and practiced a few Christmas carols. She has suddenly taken an interest in Santa and snowmen. I guess they have talked about it at school. While we were singing, I gave my girl a side-ponytail. Because who doesn't feel like singing and dancing when you are wearing a side-ponytail. She thought it was weird at first but then wouldn't let me take it out.

In other news, she has learned that I have a name other than "Mommy." She has been calling me "Sara Mommy" all afternoon.

We hope you had a great weekend! We love and miss you all!

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