Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving Feast

Today was the Thanksgiving Feast at AC's school. She doesn't normally go on Tuesdays, but I was asked to volunteer with the food. This meant she got to spend an extra day with her "Winnie"!

The festivities kicked off with a Thanksgiving song from each of the classes. Here is AC and a few of her classmates singing. I was impressed with how well she knew the words. I could actually hear her voice above all the others!

The singing was followed by the feast (if you can consider tater tots, chicken nuggets, apple slices, and marshmallows a feast)!

AC and her buddy, Dominque

The Gang (minus a few) enjoying the feast!

When we got home, I wanted to get a good picture of AC in her dress. I tried to get her to sit on the steps, but she thought lying down was a better idea.

I just want to take a minute to tell each of you how very thankful we are for Ms. Lyndi, AC's teacher. She is truly one of those people that I will forever feel blessed to have known. I'm grateful every day that my girl gets to spend so much time in her presence. She is a remarkable woman. Happy Thanksgiving, Ms. Lyndi!

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