Sunday, February 5, 2012

Elise's Party

Today was Elise's birthday party. AC has been begging to go everyday since she got invited 2 weeks ago. The party was at a horse farm nearby. It was so much fun for AC.

Elise and AC

Watching the horses

She hated waiting in line but eventually got a turn to ride one of the ponies. His name was Frosty and she loved him!

She also spent some time climbing this big tree.

Feeding the big horses. She loved it!

Taking her first swing at the horse pinata. She was actually pretty good at it (with the help of Elise's mom)!

Showing me her loot.

Sisters. Mia is almost 2 and Elise just turned 5. They are such beautiful little girls.

Eating her cake!

She had a really good time. We all smelled like horse poo when we got home, but it was worth it. I would call her first birthday party a success.

We would also like to wish our sweet friend, Rosie, a happy birthday! She is celebrating her first birthday today in Kentucky. We really, really, really wish we could be at your party, Rosie! We sent you a surprise in the mail!

We love and miss you all!!

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