Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I'm not good at multitasking. I'm actually terrible at it. Unfortunately for me, being a mom requires you to multitask. If you want to get anything accomplished, you must learn to entertain your child and work on your to-do-list at the same time. This is why my to-do-list is several pages long. I never get anything done. Most days I don't even attempt to make a list because I get overwhelmed with the mounting number of things I need to do and it stresses me out. But today, I decided to attempt to clean out my car. It had gotten to the point of "I would be MORTIFIED if someone had to ride with me" dirty. Here's how AC entertained herself while I was working.

She put a sheet on the driveway and said she was having a 'picwic'. Then she gathered up lots of random things from the garage to join her. Then she decided she would take her baby to the park. She found a little purse and her car and off she went, making laps around the driveway.

Then she found a stray bottle of lotion and began to "put medicine" on her dog and Dora Mermaid.
Shortly after this picture, she got lotion in her eye and we had to go inside.

So, I was able to multitask just long enough to vacuum up the muffin crumbs from last weekend and wipe out the cup holders. Maybe I'll attempt to finish it tomorrow. Don't hold your breath.

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