Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Today is Mamaw's birthday! Happy birthday, Mamaw! We love you!!

It was a typical Monday around here. Just in case your bored, here are some ordinary pictures of our ordinary day.

AC likes to wear Daddy's hats.

I'm trying to teach her to look at the camera when I take her picture. She NEVER looks when I ask her to. Maybe it's because she's had a camera stuck in her face since the day she was born. It's old news. Boring. She doesn't feel like smiling for the camera. It's frustrating for me.
Her first attempt. Not too bad.
Her second attempt. Ha!

She quickly got tired of this little exercise and decided to ride off on her bike.
She's not wearing pants because she had two accidents yesterday. Sigh. This potty business is getting old.

She decided she wanted to try a green smoothie for breakfast this morning. She only took a few sips but I'm just surprised she drank any at all.

It has been raining since Sunday night. Wish me luck as I try to entertain this girl indoors. It's a messy job!

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