Friday, June 8, 2012

First Summer Beach Day

Today was the first of many "Fridays at the Beach" for us.  We met a few friends there and played for almost 4 hours.  

Making a pool for her Barbies.

Digging a big hole with Sadie

She loves the beach!

She played on the sand for the first 3 hours.  She said the water was "too dangerous."  Just as I was packing up all of our stuff, she decided to put her float back on and venture out in the waves with her new 9 year old best friend, Ashley.  I couldn't get her out of the water after that.  We stayed another hour.  Finally I was able to bribe her with ice cream and we made it home.  As much as I want to come home, there are many perks to living here.  Being able to get in my car and be at the ocean in less than 30 minutes is one of them.  I'm certain we will miss this some day.

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  1. yes you will. Try to enjoy. I really hope to meet up when we are there!!