Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pre-K 2 = Done

Today was the AC's last day of Pre-K2.  That is 2 year old preschool.  It's hard to believe that 10 months have passed since that very first day.

  August 20, 2011 (24 months old)                           June 6, 2012 (34 months old)

 Then                                                                        Now

She doesn't understand that today was the end of her time in Red Door Class.  Next year, she will be in Blue Door or Brown Door Class.  She doesn't understand that Ms. Lyndi won't be her teacher anymore.  But I do. And today, I'm sad about it.  Life goes on, things change.  That's the way the world works.  I just pray that next year will be as wonderful for her as this year has been.  

Tomorrow is the "End of the Year Bash."  There is no school, but we will be there at 9 am to enjoy a slip-n-slide, bounce house, trackless train, and ice cream bar!  Pray that it doesn't rain...she is sooooo excited!

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