Monday, June 11, 2012

New Floor

We are ditching our carpet and are thrilled about it.  The installation began today and it looks so much better!  AC thinks it is pretty awesome.  In fact, she actually said, "These new floors are awesome, Mommy!"

We hope it is all finished by Thursday!

In other news, AC started summer camp today.  While it was a little sad walking down the hall and passing her old room, I am comforted by the fact that her new teacher is just as wonderful as Ms. Lyndi.  She is the one I had been praying for.  Very loving and very patient.  Ms. Rebecca.  Or just "Miz Becca" as AC calls her.  She also has 4 friends from Ms. Lyndi's class with her in summer camp class. She had a good day.  She wasn't super thrilled to be in a new room or with a new teacher but she had a good day all the same.  She has said several times today, "I miss Ms. Wyndi.  I really wuv her."  I'm hoping she begins to get excited like she was with Ms. Lyndi.  We shall see.

I can't believe it is already the 11th of June. Where has this year gone?  It doesn't feel as if it could be 1/2 over already!

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