Friday, December 31, 2010


Today was a big day in our neck of the woods. UK vs. UofL. It happens only twice a year - once in football and once in basketball. On these two days, almost everything comes to a stop. AC even got in on the basketball action. (May I add that it is extremely hard to get this girl to sit still long enough to take a good picture!)
This little pose cracked me up!

And it was a victory for the Cats! Thanks to their little cheerleader, I'm certain!

A few updates about this week:

1) AC has decided to refuse almost all of the few foods she liked eat. To say that I have been stressed about it would be an understatement. She is still eating breakfast and dinner, but she has rejected all other meals and snacks in between. She doesn't seem to be feeling bad or have low energy, so I'm waiting it out. This could take a while as I have a very stubborn child on my hands. I'll keep you posted.

2) Nina and I were finally able to get her in the bath today. She has also adamantly refused to get in the water the last two times we attempted a bath. I have NO idea why she decided she didn't like the water, but never fear, her stinky little self is finally clean!

3) My sister has been here all week. AC had a blast digging through her makeup and smearing it all over her face. She left this morning and we miss her so.

4) Yesterday, my mom and I picked out fabric and accessories for the draperies in AC's bedroom. I can't wait to show you how cute they are hanging in her new room!

We hope you all had a good week and enjoyed your New Year's Eve festivities!!!

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