Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Well, let me start my saying that I no longer look like Crystal Gayle. I FINALLY got a hair cut (which is why I didn't blog yesterday). Woohoo! I knew it was time when, after a tedious hair washing, my hair dude said, "Okay, let's go tackle this beast!" He worked is usual magic and I no longer feel like an Amish person (or Crystal Gayle).

Most of you regular readers will know that my girl also has her own hair issues. While I'm beyond thrilled that she has hair at all, it seems that her hair has a mind of its own. Case in point.
I'm not sure if she was channeling Snooki, Einstein, or Justin Bieber. But this look is completely typical. She's really into hair and brushing her own, even if there is a rubber band in it. Which is what happened today.

A side view

Someone looks exactly like her daddy in this picture!

Everyday, she and I fight over her hair and she is only 16 months old. Heaven help me when she starts school OR when she is 13!

Other happenings: While I was getting my hair done, my sister entertained my girl. She had a blast with her crazy rug rats! Thanks to Meggie and the kiddos for an awesome afternoon. After my hair, I went to dinner with one of my dearest friends. I'm so very thankful to have true angels like her in my life. And tomorrow is a big day for us - someone we L.O.V.E. has a birthday and Uncle Benny is coming home for Christmas! Oh, and it's looking like Nina might get another snow day!!!!

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  1. Dear Crystal No More,
    I need to either see you in person soon or see pics of the new do!