Sunday, December 12, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree!

We've had a tree up for about a week now, but we didn't add ornaments until today. This is why.
A certain little girl was taking things off the tree faster than we could get it on.

She would yank a few ornaments off and run around screaming, "BALL!!!" I think Nina should save her valuable ornaments for next year!

Other happenings today:

1) We woke up late but rushed to get ready for church nonetheless. Everyone was dressed. Diaper had been changed. Diaper bag was packed. We were about to walk out the door and then it happened. AC poured milk on her head. AND she thought it was hilarious. Needless to say, she and I stayed home and watched Barney instead.

2) We went to my grandpa's around noon. My little dog lover let his new German Shepherd puppy suck on her sippy cup, give her kisses, and eat her candy. She offered him her paci but he graciously declined. The trip was topped off when my aunt gave AC a few big swigs of Mt. Dew. That was just exactly what she needed. NOT!

3) After a short nap (thanks to a few shots of Mt. Dew), we enjoyed a fun visit from La and Bob. It's always wonderful to see them. We attempted to decorate the tree and then it was time for bed!

4) Nina has a snow day tomorrow, and we are so very excited about it!!!

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