Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

Holidays are a whirlwind for us. Christmas was no different. Lots of traveling and very little sleep. But I wouldn't have it any other way. Our girl had a fabulous time with her families and that is really what it's all about. Making memories. Here are a few pictures of our Christmas 2010 moments!

Christmas at Mamaw and Papaw's! Fun times with the cousins!

This gift wasn't hers, but she didn't seem to care! There were balls in that package and she was determined to get it open!

Santa came!!!

"Wow! I love Christmas, Mama!!!"
A new purple puppy purse from Uncle Bud and Aunt Emily!

Merry Christmas!

Enough with the pictures, Mama.

"Look, Mama! I found a Christmas bear!!"
Playing on the steps, of course.

This girl loves pint-sized chair!

Watching her Papa say the prayer before the meal
(and rubbing her itchy nose at the same time)!

"This thing looks like a lot of fun! Maybe I can pull it down before anyone notices!"

Well, hello there, sweet girl.

Tasting a little Cool Whip!

My grandmother has had this Christmas box for as long as I can remember.
It was magical for me as a girl. AC loved it as soon as she saw it!
Woohoo!!! It's her very own Barney! Hurry up, Ben!!!

My girl loves horses, too. This gift was a BIG hit!
Brushing her pony's hair.

She begged her Uncle Bob to put these boots on her.
Then it was off to her chair for a little rocking.

"Mama, I don't want to sit here and take a picture!!!!"

AC and Natalie

Someone is trying to hide after taking the candles from the window!

Funny girl! We are all exhausted but so very thankful for our loving families, without whom these days wouldn't have been so incredibly magical. We love you all. We also really miss Daddy! Not much longer until we see him again. AND Merry Christmas to Uncle Judd. We missed you very, very much!

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