Thursday, June 23, 2011

23 Months

My 23 month old baby girl.

We have had a rough month with lots of traveling and illness. But I'm not complaining because my baby has continued to blossom into this amazing little girl.

Here are a few "stats" about AC at 23 months.
Height: 34 inches (up 1/2 in. from 18 months), 65 percentile
Weight: 26.5 lbs. (down 1/2 lb. from 18 months), 60 percentile
Eating Habits: This girl is still picky. It seems that she is more willing to try new things, but not that often. She is currently cutting 5 new teeth and has had a stomach virus and a cold in the last month. She is still working her way back to eating like she did before.
Sleeping Patterns: Like a champ, even through the teething and sickness. I'm so thankful for this.
New or Fun Things This Month: I waited and waited and prayed and waited for AC to start talking. At around 20 months, she started using a few words. Today, she knows at least 80 words. I haven't tried to list them recently. She is using a few multiple word phrases: Love you. Thank you. More please. Where are you? Here it is. No, mine. Gracie, back. Ready...Go! She is saying something new everyday. For example, today she said tickle, spider, puppy, and bad for the first time. We are still working on the ABCs. She thinks every letter is "A". She counts like this, "1,2,3,8,9,8,2." Or like this, "1,2,2,go,8,9!" All colors are blue or red, except blue and red. She loves her furry sister and must know where she is at all times. I hear,"Gracie, where are you?" at least 10 times every day. She doesn't call her dad "Daddy" but rather "My Daddy." She still hates the car seat and cries almost every time we get in the car. She no longer wants her paci during the day. She says hi to EVERYONE we pass while we are out. Everyone. And she gets very excited when someone says hi back. I have always said and still believe that she is the most friendly child I've ever known. She truly knows no stranger. It can be embarrassing at times. I could go on and on. I just love this child more than life.

Pushing her stroller out the door

Just loungin' in the grass. Goofy child.

I have 4 more weeks to prepare myself for the big day. It will be bittersweet, for sure.

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