Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What We Loved

Today's post will be about all the things we loved about today or that made us smile today.

1) Breakfast: AC ate breakfast for the first time in 5 days. She didn't each much but I think she is slowly getting her appetite back!

2) The Park: Because it is so hot, we only go to the park in the morning. We ventured out at around 9. She was the only kid there. There were lots of tennis players, exercisers, and city workers doing landscape, but no kids. An hour later, as we were about to leave, AC's friends starting showing up. She had a lot of fun and I could tell she had her energy back. Let me just tell you that I need advice on how to tame a bossy child. It's starting to get embarrassing. She was so sandy and dirty that we had to have a bath when we got home. Good times.

3) Nap: As if the stomach virus wasn't enough, I now have a sinus infection. Anyone who has ever had one knows how hard it is to sleep. I was so tired and couldn't wait for AC to take a nap. So, nap time comes. I lay her down. She doesn't want to sleep, so she cries. No biggie. She'll cry it out and sleep in a few minutes. Suddenly the cries stop and I hear, "MOM! Poo-poo! MOM! Poo-poo!" Oh dear. I decide that I have to go check. Chances are she's faking it as a way to get out of her bed. But if she's not faking it, I have to change her. That would make for an unpleasant nap, if you know what I mean. Well, she's not faking and I didn't have any diapers upstairs. Instead of prolonging the situation by running downstairs to get a diaper, I see some Little Swimmies (the diapers for the pool) in the closet. They will surely be okay for an hour or so while she naps, right? No. 45 minutes later, I hear, "MOM!!! WET!!!! MOM!!! WET!!!" I decide she's faking it this time and try to continue my nap. 10 minutes later, she is still going strong, except now she's added "POO-POO!!!!" to the mix. Sure enough, she had peed through the Little Swimmie all over her bed, clothes, and blanket. Cheers to a 45 minute nap, a teething toddler, and a sick mom. AND, can someone please explain how a diaper can work in the pool but not on a regular day? Makes me think there are lots of pee-pees in the pool.

4) Dance Parties: Like most toddlers, AC loves to dance. Today we turned on a little music and cut a rug! Note: AC has on my shirt. She's got a thing for wearing our clothes and shoes.

Running to the "Dance Floor"

Dancing with her Army bear

Taking a break to kiss the bears (clearly we have a lot to discuss about dance parties before she goes to middle school).

"Here, Mom. Kiss the bear." We also need to discuss nasal hygiene, it seems.

5) The Voice: LOVE this show. AC and I chose to dance to 2 of our favorites at our dance party today. Here they are:

Love this song. Beautiful.

This girl seems so sweet! Sorry for the poor video quality. It was only one I could find.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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