Saturday, July 16, 2011

New Cups

This afternoon we ventured out to Home Goods. I anticipated AC being very impatient and uncooperative, so I made a short list and had intentions of looking in only those sections. However, she got her hands on a few baby dolls when we got there and she was so good. I felt like I actually got to look around and actually 'shop' for the first time in a long time.

On our way to the checkout, we passed these plastic cups on the clearance rack. They were such a good deal that I couldn't pass them up. AC was so excited about them that she decided one would be Nina's cup and the other would be Papa's cup. She had to have them in her car seat on the way home and carried them around for a while after we got home.

She even tried to give the tree a drink of her water.

She quickly ditched the cups when she realized that it would be much more fun to chase the furry dog through the landscaping. I should have stopped them but it was kind of hysterical.

We love and miss you all!

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