Sunday, May 6, 2012

Drive-Thru Zoo

We took a little drive to the zoo this morning.  Well, it isn't actually a zoo.  It calls itself a drive-thru safari.  But it is all the same, right?  It was a very cool place because none of the animals were fenced in (except the lions).  They just roam freely around.  Visitors drive along a path in their cars and watch the animals just doing what they do.  I found it to be much more interesting than the zoo.  At times it seemed that we were watching the animals in the wild.  Very, very cool.  You will notice how close we got to most of them.  

AC just watching the animals.  She didn't enjoy it as much as Daddy and I.  She must have said 1,000 times, "Me get out? Me get out? PLEASE!"  

A lion (and some buzzards).  There was some sort of carcass hanging from a long chain and the lions were walking around with big bones they had ripped off.  The buzzards waited patiently for the leftovers.  

I don't remember the name of this one.  AC liked their horns.

Zebras and rhinos were eating together.  

The giraffes.  Mommy and baby, AC said.  

After you finish the driving tour, there is a regular zoo with lots of kiddie rides, a splash park, and animal shows.  She loved this much more than the driving part.

AC loved the giant tortoises.

Petting zoo fun.

Walking with Daddy.  

We will definitely go back this summer!

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