Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Today is going to be a little life update (in case you are wondering about the mundane details).

What's going on with Daddy:
His back is acting up.  He started taking Osteo Bi-Flex and it seems to be helping.  He got an allergy test last week.  The one where they prick you with all the needles.  Turns out he is allergic to all feathers, dust mites, cockroaches, johnson grass, timothy grass, and almost every weed God created (lamb's quarter, pigweed, ragweed, nettle, cocklebur, dog fennel, mugwort/sage).  If he decided to treat it with shots, he would need about 3 shots a week.  So for now, it's just nose spray and the neti pot.  He is on his 3rd government car this month.  His original car's transmission went out.  The replacement car had a bad alternator.  Now he has a really sweet 2003 Chevy Blazer.

What 's going on with Me:
Nothing.  MOPS is almost over for the year.  I got 5 inches cut off my hair.  I'm reading a book called, "The Same Sweet Girls."  So far it is an easy read and entertaining.  It's about a group of southern sorority girls in their 50s.  Our house is leaking water in a few places, so we are in the process of filing claims with the insurance. Major annoyance.  I'm tyring hard to keep all processed foods out of the house.  It's hard with a toddler but we've done really well for about 3 weeks.  Today AC ate cheerios, banana, pb&j, raisins, strawberries, apple chips, carrot sticks, cheese stick, chicken-n-dumplins (that I made from scratch....I'm proud of myself!), sweet potatoes, and green beans.  She drank about 24 oz. of milk, 20 oz. of water, 8 oz. of white grape juice.  She also had a handful of mini chocolate chips.  Some weeks we do better than others.  This week is going pretty good.

What's going on with AC:
Potty training is progressing, very slowly.  She is great with pee.  She hasn't worn a diaper during the day in 3 months.  We are making a little progress with #2.  Little by little.  I'll take it...for a while.  My goal is for her to be potty trained completely (during the day) by her 3rd birthday.  This leaves me about 9 weeks.  I think we will definitely meet our goal.  She still takes a nap.  It is around from 1-3 every afternoon.  She goes to bed between 7:30-8 and sleeps until 6:45 or 7.  She still sleeps in her crib.  We haven't converted it to a toddler bed yet.  She is happy in there.  She has never tried to get out.  So we aren't going to change it until she no longer fits or stops sleeping well in it.  She uses a little pillow and her blankie every night.  And, to my shame, her pacie.  We haven't made an attempt to take it from her.  She doesn't want it during the day.  We never take it out of the house.  I'm just trying to get her potty trained first.  Then we will get rid of the pacie.  She has 3 weeks of school left but will start summer camp the following week.  The only difference in school and summer camp is that she will have a different teacher.  And summer camp is basically structured playtime.  There isn't a curriculum like there is during the school year.  Otherwise, it's the same schedule.  She will go to summer camp for 5 weeks and have the rest of the summer free (5 more weeks) to spend with her family.  She wears 3T tops and dresses, 2T shorts and pants, and a size 7 shoe.

Random pictures:
AC planted a few seeds in my flower pot a few weeks ago.  It looks like they are actually growing.  That large plant on the bottom is a sunflower, I think.

She got her first tattoo today and is completely obsessed.
That's about it.  Nothing exciting.  We want to tell Uncle Bob that we love him and hope he is doing ok.  He is an angel in our lives and we wish were there to give him a great big hug.  We also want to say that we are VERY excited to get be getting a sweet little neice this fall!  Congrats Judd and Marissa.  There is nothing as sweet as a baby girl!

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