Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Twinkle Toes

One of AC's dreams came true when she got these new shoes in the mail yesterday.   Twinkles Toes, by Sketchers.  I had no idea what they were until she started begging for them.  (One a side note: How scary is it, at three years old, she is already begging for certain trendy shoes...I'm in trouble).  So I googled them.  As soon as the web picture popped up, I knew I wasn't going to buy them.  You all know how I feel about glittery, sequined, pink and purple shoes.  It ain't happenin.  So she somehow managed to convince her Nina and Papa that she really needed these shoes.  And so it happened.  Twinkle Toes arrived and she loves them.  

Thanks, Nina and Papa!

About the weather...we are fine.  It finally stopped raining and things are completely back to normal.  We never lost power, thankfully.

We love and miss you all!

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