Monday, August 6, 2012

F&F Part 6: Third Birthday

She is 3!!!  And she loves to tell every one she sees!  She has even mastered holding up three fingers while she says, "I'm three!  I'm a big girl!!!"  

AC is a lucky girl.  She had two birthday parties.  We celebrated on her actually birthday with Mamaw and Papaw.  Then we celebrated again one week later at Nina and Papa's.  

Here is my big girl with her very cute Dora Princess cake at Mamaw and Papaw's.

Lovin' her daddy!

Playing with her cousins...all who are 3 years old!

Her mermaid cake at Nina and Papa's!

Little Mermaid playing outside

Opening presents with Mommy.

Picking her toes.  Always.  Her toenails are so sad.  


Blowing out candles

She requested a pinata!  Uncle Bud had to help her!

AC and her cousins, Caroline and Carter.

Princess shoes

Sending some of her party balloons to Daddy and Gracie

Brent helped her send up a great big bunch.

Completely obsessed with her new skates!

She had two wonderful parties with lots and lots of people who love her!  She has the best families in the world.

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