Thursday, August 9, 2012

Art Museum

About 6 months ago, our county finished building a brand new children's art museum.  I had heard great things about it but hadn't gone...until today.  It is only 5 miles from our house and we pass it everyday on the way to preschool.  We were excited to make our first visit this morning.  I wasn't sure what to expect.  I had been to children's science centers/museums before, but never a children's ART museum.  It turned out to be really, really cool!  Here's what AC got into!

Creating her own passport with stamps from different countries.  She had a lot of fun here. 

That is a big globe painted with chalkboard paint in front of her.  Kids can draw things on the globe and then erase it.

Creating her own totem pole.

Carving a huge hunk of wax.  This was really cool!

Riding the pretend subway.  She loved pulling the lever and making it "go."  It was actually just realistic sounds and vibrations.  We stayed on here for quite a while.

Gigantic puzzles of famous paintings.  She is working on American Gothic (creepy painting of the farmer and his wife).

Standing on these big rock benches. 


Mirror pyramid.

Creating a masterpiece with wooden discs and glue.

Inside the museum is a new branch of the county library.  The collection is mainly for children and teenagers.  It was so, so nice.  We left with seven books including this one and 3 others that she picked out on her own.  We've read them all at least twice today.

It was a lovely day at a wonderful new hangout!  

We loved it so much we are seriously considering buying a yearly membership.

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