Monday, August 13, 2012

Taking Pictures

Daddy and I bought her a camera for her birthday.  It is a real digital camera that is supposed to be "kid tough."  She loves it. 

She said, "Take a picture of me with your camera and I will take a picture of you with my camera.  At the same time!!!"

Here are a few of her 75 shots!  FYI:  They are blurry because she can't hold the camera steady and push the button at the same time.  She is getting better, though.

Daddy with a silly face

Her toes.  She was proud of this one.

Despite my objections, I'm her favorite subject.  She demands that I pose.  Sigh...the things you will do for your kids!  Don't laugh too hard.  

The Furry One

The Backyardigans on TV

She said, "Mommy, make a sad face!"

Then she wanted to make a sad face, too!

She is loving her camera!  I just pray she doesn't find a way to break it!

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  1. we love ours!!! Clark's are so funny too and we have LOTS of pics of tv shows too.