Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Moving Away

AC's best buddy, Matilda, moved to Colombia today.  She will turn 4 in a few weeks, so her parents wanted to have an early birthday party for her.  They wanted her to be able to celebrate with her friends one last time.  AC had a blast, as she always does when she and Matilda are together.  

Just swingin'

Walking around 

They always laugh so much when they are together!

It was a very bittersweet day.  My girl had so much fun.  She loves Matilda very much.  I'm happy she has a friend that makes her so happy.  However, this was the last time they will probably ever see each other.  When she is all grown up, she may have no memories of Matilda at all.  Except for what she sees in these pictures.  And that makes me a little sad.  I hope she and her family find a wonderful life in their new home.  

In other news, we had family photos taken on Saturday morning.  Here is a little sneak peek from the photographer!  I can't wait to see the rest!!

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