Friday, August 3, 2012

F&F Part 4: Day on the Farm

This girl watched almost no t.v. during our time at Nina and Papa's.  There is just way too much to explore when you are 3 years old and have a great big farm at your finger tips.

She enjoyed countless rides on the four-wheeler and a few on the tractor.  She jumped from hay bale to hay bale many, many times.  She climbed into old deer stands.  She played with dogs and her bunny.  She picked corn and beans.  It was all I could do to get her inside to eat a meal.

She even tried her hand at shucking corn.  I hope she makes you proud, Gran!

She and La playing with her bunny, Osha.  Yes, they have her on a dog leash.  It really isn't as crazy as it first seems.  

Ms. Attitude, naturally.  

She constantly had dirt under her nails.  She had more bruises and scratches than ever before.  But she was so happy and so full of life.  She loved every single minute of it.  How lucky she is to get to experience a real, enriching childhood summer.  A true southern summer on the farm exploring and learning.  There is nothing like it, folks.  Nothing.  Thanks, Nina and Papa.  We love you.

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