Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bye-bye Nap #2

Baby Girl has decided she doesn't want to take 2 naps anymore, and Mama is a little nervous about this. My sleep book warned of the dreaded time between 13 and 15 months when most babies will drop 1 of their 2 naps. It says, "By fifteen months of age, 57 percent of children are taking a single afternoon nap. This is dramatic change occuring over a short time period." I have been desperately praying that she would fall into that other 43 percent!! But it seems it ain't happenin'. The line that makes me most anxious about this states, "This transition will not be smooth." Thanks, book. Thanks for shedding that obvious light on the situation. Anyway, she handled it pretty well today. Hopefully tomorrow will be the same.

Instead of napping, we did laundry, played with a big cardboard box, ate mac-n-cheese and sweet potatoes, and snuggled during the grumpy spells. I don't have any pics today, but I DO have a video. I found a good one from another time in her past when she didn't like to take naps. This was taken almost 1 year ago. I will admit that a few tears escaped when I watched it. My baby girl is growing too fast. I miss her being so little bitty. Enjoy!

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