Friday, August 27, 2010

New Boots

Today we received a highly anticipated package from the very wonderful Aunt Meg. Inside this package were lots of pretty things for a certain 13 month old girl. One of those things happened to be an oh-so-sweet dress with horses on it that we saw a few months ago in Lexington. I didn't buy it and have always regretted it! Well, when we pulled it out of the package today, we just knew we needed some fancy brown cowboy boots to go with it. "Mama's gonna keep her eyes out for just the right pair, ok?" I said to AC.

So when Daddy came home from work early (because he left at 5:30 am) and needed to take a little nap, AC and I headed to Super Target to give him some peace. We were just strolling along, eating the Target version of Honey Nut Cheerios, killing time, and minding our own business when, like destiny, we saw a pair of very fancy brown cowboy boots in a size 5!!! Woooohooooo!!! We temporarily "forgot" that Daddy has put us on a budget and plunked those suckers into our cart with a smile!

When we got home, she tried her boots on for Daddy. It was nothing short of hilarious watching her try to walk in them for the first time. I grabbed my video camera just a minute too late and missed those first few awkward yet hilarious seconds. Here is a video of what I could get with my camera of our sweet girl in her new boots. You'll notice that Daddy is trying to get her to walk to him, so he lures her over by putting her baby doll inside the famous box from yesterday. She took the bait (perhaps a little too enthusiastically) as you will see.

We hope you all had a great Friday! We would ask that you take a minute to pray for my Papaw Redmon. He suffered a mild heart attack yesterday. He is ok but could still use some prayers for renewed energy and less heartache. We love you all!

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